Lawrence County Association for Responsible Care

Who We Are

Leadership Team

Steven Albrecht, Chief Executive Officer

Lori Malachow, Residential Program Director (Summer Camp)

Sharron Poloka, Residential and ATF Program Director

Pete Darno, Chief Financial Officer

Kristi Keeley, Director of EI/PCH/Companion Services & Training Coordinator

John Baptist Rossi, HR Manager

Board of Directors

Marc Rashid, Board President, Dentist

Carolle Moses, Retired Chief Executive Officer

William Flannery, Board Vice President, Attorney

Janine Keith, Board Secretary, Registered Nurse, Parent

Joseph Lambo, Retired Banker, Parent, Advocate

Thomas Piccione, Retired Judge

Theodore Saad, Attorney

Henry Karki, Retired Educator

Scott McCaskey, Dir. Special Education

Jean Greco, Accountant, Tax Specialist, Parent

John Kline, Retired Commercial Banker