If you have questions or would like more information on any of the programs or services offered by LCARC, please contact the following at 724.658.8515.


Adult Training Facility:
Sharron Poloka, Program Director

Allan Seybolt, ATF Assistant Director

Renee Palmerine, ATF Program Specialist

Community Living Arrangements:
Daniel Goclano, Residential Program Director

Michelle Lagnese, Residential Program Director

William Crawford, Director of Behavior Supports & Services

Kay Donley, Residential Program Specialist

Jinine Fulton, Residential Program Supervisor

Kristi Keeley, Residential Program Specialist

Lori Malachow, Residential Program Specialist

Kasey McClure, Residential Program Supervisor

Doug Pander, Residential Program Specialist

Matt Wier, Residential Program Specialist


Early Intervention: Michelle Lagnese, Program Director

Marcia Macri, Occupational Therapist

Mary Katherine Shay, Speech Pathologist

Kathryn Nebel, Physical Therapist


In Home & Community /OBRA:
Michelle Lagnese, Program Director

Allan Seybolt, Program Specialist


Personal Care Home:
Kelly Gonzales, Personal Care Home Administrator

Summer Camp:
Dan Goclano, Program Director

Administrative Staff:

Carolle Moses, CEO

Diane Daly, HR Manager

Pete Darno, CFO

Kelly Frost, Personnel Assistant II

Collette Jones, Fiscal Technician

Michelle Kerr, Accountant

Aimee Campbell, Executive Administrative Assistant II

Lasharn Carrington, Administrative Assistant

Molly Dodd, Clerk I

Debbie Gargasz, Administrative Assistant II

April Whetzel, Secretary

Steve Avery, Maintenance


General Information or Questions:
Dan Goclano, Residential Program Director

Michelle Lagnese, Residential Program Director

Services and Programs

Lawrence County Association for Responsible Care (LCARC) offers a variety of residential, day care, and home based services. Whether it's a developmental or intellectual disability, Autism, or Prader-Willi Syndrome, we provide responsible and caring service in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.

Our programs are second to none. We have dedicated staff who are trained professionals and who enjoy working with and providing advocacy for our clients.

LCARC provides most services at no out-of-pocket cost to families. We will bill insurance or Medicaid if applicable (in most cases, families are not liable for co-pays).

See below for more details for many of our services. You may also contact us to learn more and ask questions to help determine what services might be appropriate and available for you and members of your family.


Adult Training Facility (ATF), Adult Day Care, and Older Adult Daily Living Center (OADLC)

The Adult Training Facility provides Adult Day Care services Monday through Friday to adults with intellectual disabilities. The program focuses on individualized and group activities meant to provide opportunities for learning and maintaining adult daily living skills.

There are plenty of opportunities for socialization, community outings and service programs. The staff at the ATF are trained to work with a wide variety of specialized medical needs and physical limitations. The individuals who attend the program benefit from  small group sizes with plenty of one on one attention. The ATF is dually licensed by the Office of Developmental Programs and The Department of Aging. Individuals age 60 and older are considered to be seniors and are placed in the senior groups within the program.  Individuals attend on a full time or part time schedule. We would be happy to meet with you for a tour and/or to provide you with additional information about how we can best meet the needs of you and your family.


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Advocacy / Education

As a grass roots organization founded by parents of children with disabilities in the 1950's, LCARC has been at the forefront of the fight to provide special education and community service opportunities for individuals with intellectual disabilities for more than 60 years.

LCARC is an active member of the local Right to Education TASK Force. This group is sponsored by Intermediate Unit IV and monitors local school districts regularly to assure the quality and compliance of Special Education Programs.

The agency is always working to enhance our community service models through self monitoring, Quality Assurance programs, and ongoing staff training.

Our staff are available to assist you with your questions and concerns as you navigate the sometimes overwhelming education and social service systems. Please contact us at any time if we can assist you personally. We are also available to speak with groups who are interested in learning more about the agency or the service delivery system we are a part of.


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Apartment Living

LCARC staffs a HUD-sponsored apartment building on New Castle’s South Side. The building contains eight apartments, serving nine individuals and their families. Staff at the facility help the residents with basic homemaking skills and safety training.


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Early Intervention

The Early Intervention Program, or EI, can help if your child has a delay in communication, cognitive, physical, social or self-help needs.  Depending on your child's needs, you will be working with teachers, speech pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, or other professionals as needed.  All EI services are provided at times that are convenient for the family or caregiver in the child's natural environment. This includes meeting at your home, daycare, or even another family member's home.  In addition to the teachers and therapists working directly with your child, staff works young child with toyswith family members and caregivers to teach them the skills that will help achieve your desired outcomes.

If your child is between the ages of birth to three years, and you think he/she has a delay in one or more of the areas of cognitive, speech, physical, social, emotional or adaptive development, your child may be eligible for Early Intervention services from our fully-trained staff who have years of experience with Early Intervention. The Early Intervention Program is monitored and licensed by the Office of Child Development and Early Learning or OCDEL.

Families who are eligible for LCARC's Early Intervention services can receive:

  • in-home support from certified experts in child development
  • access to limited funds for a child’s special needs
  • opportunities to learn more about a child’s disability and special needs
  • help in accessing additional community resources

LCARC also provides screenings, evaluation and diagnosis services, and can direct families who do not qualify for services to other options for assistance.

See our website just for this program!


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In Home & Community/OBRA

LCARC’s Home Based Waiver Program provides family support in the form of individualized community activities or respite care. The program serves approximately 40 individuals by pairing them with staff who are willing to work flexible schedules to meet individual and family needs. Based on need, individuals residing in the community are given opportunities monthly or weekly to go out in the community one-on-one with staff to participate in various activities.

The OBRA Program provides services for individuals with developmental disabilities who reside in local nursing homes. Staff visit with the individuals and socialize while engaging in activities such as playing cards or bingo, reviewing current events, and pet therapy.


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Personal Care Home

We are the only Personal Care Home in Lawrence County specializing in personal care living for developmentally disabled individuals.

Our Personal Care Home, on the grounds of St.Joseph's Church, provides residential services with 24-hour supervision, for up to 29 higher functioning adults with developmental disabilities. The individuals at the personal care home are provided with ample opportunities to socialize with their peers in a friendly environment. Residents receive assistance with all activities of daily living, accountable money management, and are accompanied by staff for health care appointments.


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Residential Services

LCARC has been providing 24 hour care in small group home settings to individuals with intellectual disabilities since 1977. With 15 group homes currently in operation, the agency strives to provide each resident with a living arrangement that meets their unique needs and preferences. 

We Provide:
--trained and well qualified staff
--assistance with daily living skills
--support for a variety of medical needs
--mental  health and behavioral support through positive approaches
--help for individuals to communicate their wants and needs
--opportunities for recreation and leisure activities
--community involvement
--transportation for employment, day placement, medical appointments and  activities.

Our homes are designed to reflect the personalities and preferences of the individuals who live there. The individuals are served in an atmosphere that is always respectful and mindful of their dignity. They are offered choices in all aspects of their daily care and support needs.


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Respite Services

LCARC provides respite services to individuals in their homes and in our licensed group homes, subject to availability.  Families and caregivers can get relief from their daily responsibilities while being assured that their loved one is being cared for by well trained and qualified staff.


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Summer Camp

Our favorite activity for children and youth! LCARC's Summer Camp program for children and adolescents typically runs for 8 weeks, from mid June - mid August. It is FREE to Lawrence County residents with developmental disabilities. Our Camp's goals are to

  • provide continuing education and socialization throughout the summer
  • introduce campers to new experiences
  • make summer more fun for everyone

Each week we offer a change in theme with new activities every day. Examples of themes include: Going to the Movies, Occupations, TV Shows, and more. Daily activities have included dress like a pirate, Hogwarts obstacle course, a talent show, face painting, hula hoop bubbles, and many more activities common to a camp experience.

photo summer camp counselor and youthSummer camp is held at Gaston Park from 9 a.m. -3 p.m. Monday-Fridays during the season. Registration is from end of April to early June and campers must register in order to participate. Round trip transportation from your home is provided to eligible families (see guidelines with registration form). Contact LCARC at 724.658.8515 for details and registration forms.


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